‘Bigfoot’ Reportedly Spotted in North Carolina Forest

North Carolina Forest

File photo: A still image of the infamous 1967 Roger Patterson film which appeared to show Bigfoot on film. (Credit: YouTube) (YouTube)

A Bigfoot watch group in North Carolina claims they may have had a recent sighting of the legendary creature.

BIGFOOT 911, based in Marion, N.C., describes itself as a place to discuss investigations and evidence. It has over 1,200 members, according to the Facebook page.

On the group’s page, John Bruner described the sighting, writing he and his group saw a “large bipedal animal covered in hair” in the glow from his headlamp. After being spotted, the creature ran off, though Bruner followed and spotted it again, this time where a tree had been broken in half.

“It’s face was solid black no hair on it, the hair looked shaggy all over,” Bruner added.

The creature ran off again, with Bruner saying he saw its buttocks flex with each step. After a short while, something threw rocks at Bruner’s group while they were exiting the woods.

This story originally apppeared in Fox Carolina.

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