Hendersonville, NC Is A Popular Place With Retirees

Hendersonville, NC is a popular place with retirees. This small city was once named in a prominent retirement magazine as one of the top places in the nation for citizens to spend their golden years, and ever since then, many have flocked here to do just that. Sitting along Interstate 26 between the larger and more well-known Asheville and the South Carolina border, this place is just a few hours north of Atlanta.

While it is in the South, the climate here is relatively mild. It’s in the mountains, so the air is dryer and cooler most of the year than the sweltering humidity and heat afflicted in the lower-lying regions of the Piedmont foothills and coastal plains. The higher elevations also mean great views and summer scenery.

There is the possibility of snow in the winters though, so not all who retire here stay here year round. A common thing to see each fall is a hordes of RVs heading down the Interstate to winter in Florida or Georgia. They mostly return each spring.

Tourism is very big here, as citizens of the cities closer to the coast try and escape the heat and hustle and bustle of their lives. Fall is a very popular time to pass through here as the leaves changing colors up and down the ridges is a beautiful scene whose description is best left to poets or travel professionals.

Hendersonville is rather quiet economically, especially given how many dollars come into the local scene from those that are no longer working. The town also serves as a suburb of sorts for professionals who work up in Asheville. Hendersonville housing costs and possibilities are a bit more available and affordable than its larger neighbor currently has to offer.